Unique applications including smart poles

Spun concrete pole innovations

The first spun concrete pole reinforced with mild steel was produced in 1907 by the firm Otto and Schlosser in Meißen, Germany. Today the spun concrete technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Recent advances in the materials, manufacture, design, and applications have taken place rendering the spun prestressed concrete pole a most efficient, durable, versatile, and a universally accepted support structure – a first choice for numerous applications in the concrete industry. This paper outlines the innovations in spun concrete pole technology over the past recent years, focusing on some of the unique and multifarious applications of the product. A brief overview of the smart pole application using streetlighting poles to offer an infrastructure network that can play a key role in smart cities, is also presented with thoughts on the future use and potential market for this application. Overall, future developments and opportunities for the product are also discussed.

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