Nordimpianti System Srl, 66100 Chieti, Italy

Proven hollow-core production line at the plant of Betard in Poland

In February 2018, at the company Betard, located in the fourth largest city in Poland, – Wroclaw, the Italian company Nordimpianti was held a seminar for specialists in the concrete industry. Among its numerous participants from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia were representatives of enterprises and companies, where Nordimpianti equipment is already in use, and those who are just planning to purchase it. For the firsts this visit to the Wrocław plant was an opportunity to once again talk with representatives of the Nordimpianti company, receiving first-hand answers to all questions of interest, and to exchange experiences with colleagues already using similar equipment. The latter could see first-hand the unique possibilities of the Nordimpianti technique. For both of those seen in Wroclaw will help to develop a highly effective strategy of reconstruction, modernization and technical development of their enterprises. Including the installation of the equipment made by Nordimpianti - a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of machines for production of prestressed reinforced concrete products, which are increasingly used in housing, civil, industrial and infrastructure construction.