Manufacturing steel fibre reinforced products for nuclear power plants

A report from Russia

Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH is a company that is a well known player in the Russian concrete block industry. Its main focus is on the manufacture, delivery, installation, and maintenance of a multitude of establishments and facilities for the production of a wide variety of concrete products. To this end, the company employs vibration technologies. Of great importance to the company is that products manufactured are of superior quality and partnerships with its customers leave nothing to be desired. This business attitude has formed the basis for developing mutual confidence which is mirrored in the fact that a large proportion of customers continues to purchase machinery from Zenith to increase production capacities and outputs. One of these customers is the Zenith Chernozemye Group from Voronezh.

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Zenith Chernozemye OOO PromRegion Gebiet Voronezh Chocholsky r. Chocholsky, Kolchosnaja 50 Buro 1 Russia ZENITH Maschinenfabrik GmbH Zenith-Straße 1, 57290 Neunkirchen, Germany T +49 2735 779234, F +49 2735 779211,


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