Strong partner for concrete coloring

Lanxess investing in application technology service

Modern concrete formulations are based on the use of highly specialized additives. As a result, they exhibit considerably improved properties with regard to load-bearing capacity, workability, durability and design scope. The individual constituents in these ever more complex recipes must be highly compatible in order to meet the target performance requirements. These target requirements must also be kept in mind when selecting iron oxide pigments, whose properties make them the material of choice for coloring concrete materials. Sound advice and applicationspecific support from an expert on pigments can be of great value here. Specialty chemicals company Lanxess is known worldwide for its expertise in the field of concrete coloring. The company recently invested around EUR 1 million in the further modernization of its application technology laboratory for construction materials.

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LANXESS Deutschland GmbH Oliver Fleschentraeger Head of Global Competence Center Construction Inorganic Pigments business unit


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