Carbonation of Self-Compacting High-Performance Concrete Incorporating Recycled Concrete Aggregates

Sustainable and green concrete

The present study is investigating the slump flow, splitting tensile strength and carbonation resistance of self-compacting high-performance concrete (SCHPC) incorporating coarse recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) at the ages of 28, 90 and 270 days. The study shows that SCHPC constitutes one of the more appropriate choices for utilizing waste materials. The splitting tensile strength and carbonation resistance levels of this material appear to be positive while slump flow values are not negatively influenced by the use of RCA to a significant extent. Incorporating RCA in the production of high-quality concrete yields a sustainable product at times when the sustainability of products used in construction has become a basic requirement instead of a mere option because a harmonious relationship between economic activity and the earth’s ecosystem must be seriously considered.

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