Using Self-Consolidating Concrete:the Precaster’s Perspective

Performance evaluation of SCC

This paper describes a collaboration in the United States between Newcrete Products in Roaring Spring Pennsylvania and Penn State University to gain a more thorough understanding of the bond properties of several proposed Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) mixes. This paper focuses on the precaster’s perspective related to using SCC. The full details of the testing program are described in a previous paper [1]. Newcrete Products had previous experience with use of an SCC mix in parking structure members such as double-tee sections and was interested in the use of SCC for bridge members in Pennsylvania. The objectives of the main test program were as follows: 1) to compare the Newcrete SCC mix with the current design code requirement for transfer length, 2) to determine the pull-out capacity of the strand in the SCC mix with the Moustafa test, 3) evaluate the failure mode at ultimate, 4) compare the results of the SCC mix with a standard (non- SCC) Newcrete mix, and 5) gain experience with use of SCC targeted at bridge applications. This paper focuses on the precaster’s perspective in using SCC for the casting of the project specimens.

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