Fully automatic reconfiguration of coloured concrete pavers from two production boards

Rekers GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, 48480 Spelle, Germany

The family-owned company Egner + Sohn GmbH has been manufacturing concrete products for 46 years, thereby specialising in high-quality products. Concrete products are manufactured in two-shift operation with three production plants at two locations. The products are mainly distributed in South Germany. The company's own vehicle fleet makes around 80% of the deliveries to building material dealers, municipalities and private customers. Very large deposits of shifting sand at the main location in Neumarkt form the basis for the daily concrete production and thus the familiar high quality of the products. While the Neumarkt location focuses on the manufacture of a wide range of concrete slabs and pavers, such as its own large paver series Via Castello, the second location in Erasbach mainly manufactures products for underground and road construction, such as gutters, edgers and kerbstones. From the very first day in 1972 Egner has relied on the machine and plant manufacturer Rekers for the circulation of the production lines. When the complete dry side of one of the two production lines in Neumarkt was recently replaced, this order was also placed with Rekers. One of the technical innovations thereby is the machine for reconfiguring stone layers, with which the coloured stones from two production boards can be mixed with one another fully automatically. This results in completely new installation patterns – directly from the factory.

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