Fabemi invests in a new model of vibrating press with high production capacity, set-up …

Quadra, 74130 Contamine-sur-Arve, France

… in their plant based near Lyon in France Created in 1961, Fabemi is a family-owned company based in Donzère, in South of France. In investing in equipment of high technology since their creation, the company managed to develop new products around its core business, achieving their current and valuable reputation. With more than 14 production sites throughout France, and more than 500 employees, the Groupe Fabemi is a leading player in the building materials industry. As a proper partner through its numerous activities, Fabemi supplies technical and aesthetical products, and provides its clients with customized and innovative services. The quality and the manufacturing excellence are the particular strengths of the group that focus on using the best manufacturing technologies. Following the realisation of many projects with the manufacturer of equipment Quadra, Fabemi renewed its confidence in his partner with the modernisation of its plant of high capacity of production. The technical challenge perfectly taken up by Quadra was the integration of a new generation vibrating press within an existing plant, in reusing some equipment.

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