A new player opens production site for hollow-core slabs in Belgium

Echo Precast Engineering NV, 3530 Houthalen, Belgium

The Belgium market finds a new player for prefabricated concrete elements: the production site of Larco Prefab S.A. was opened recently in Welkenraedt, Belgium. Based in the “East Belgium Park” the new company, belonging to the construction enterprise G. Collard S.A., Belgium, has built a factory in the industrial zone, situated between the cities Welkenraedt, Baelen, Eupen and Lontzen. The park with a size of 320 ha is the second biggest industrial area in the province of Liège, ideally connected to the motorway E40, that connects Liège with Aachen, Germany.

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Larco Prefabrication S.A. East Belgium Park Rue de l'Economie 9 4840 Welkenraedt, Belgium T +32 87 315410 info@larco.pro www.larco.pro Echo Precast Engineering NV Industrieterrein Centrum Zuid 1533 3530 Houthalen, Belgium T + 32 11 600800 info@echoprecast.com www.echoprecast.com Progress Group GmbH The Squaire 15 Am Flughafen 60549 Frankfurt am Main, Germany T +49 69 77044044 info@progress-group.info www.progress-group.info


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