New production line for hollowcore slabsand wall panels

Spancrete Machinery Corporation, Waukesha, WI 53187, USA

Mucic & Co. is an established precaster that supplies the markets of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. On the initiative of its owner, Mr. Stanislav Mucic, Mucic & Co. has grown to become a regional market leader supplying formcast wall panels, structural elements, and other precast components. Mucic has been focusing on providing its customers with “turnkey” precast solutions comprising engineering, production, transportation, installation and overall project management. To enhance this turnkey approach, Mucic & Co. recently expanded its facilities to include a new Spancrete GT-240 production system. The GT-240 system is utilized to supply the market with both 2.40 meter wide Spancrete hollowcore floor slabs and 2.40 meter wide insulated wall panels. These two innovative products will offer more competitive and innovative solutions to the floor and wall markets as compared to the traditional products currently used in the Balkan region.

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