Modern industrial marketing in the concrete industry

Optimizing the seller’s position at the early stages of the buying process

It is a well-known fact that when it comes to industrial buying processes, there are numerous individuals involved. It is also known that the finalization of sales predominantly takes place in face-to-face meetings between buyer and seller, though 70% of buying decisions in industrial businesses are actually made before buyers and sellers get into contact with one another (Fig. 1). Collecting and identifying trustworthy information is carried out by all members of the buying center. This applies to solutions addressing buyers’ needs and potential sellers just the same. How can we then make sure that buyers choose the solutions we offer and that they choose us as their supplier? Do we even precisely know what their needs are and what these needs are grounded on? Modern industrial marketing taking advantage of digitalization and marketing technologies in general will not only address the above questions, but ultimately strive at better and faster sales!

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