Bristol Group invests in the future with innovation made in Italy

MCT Group, Inc., 89521 Reno, NV, USA

The Bristol Group, known for their industrial and commercial design-build services, established their first precast manufacturing of concrete wall panels in 2003. Bristol’s precast elements have been used in dam rehabilitation projects, highway sound barriers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, commercial offices, parking garages and multi-story residential and commercial projects. Today, more than 60% of Bristol’s production is delivered to time sensitive projects where Bristol provides engineering, architecture and active management of the construction project.

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Bristol Group, Inc. 1115 Delaware Ave Suite 200 40505 Lexington, KY, USA MCT Group, Inc. 10285 Mott Dr 89521 Reno, NV, USA T +1 775 313 0708 F +1 775 242 3677


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