Design and implementation of industrial processes for the manufacture of architecturally sophisticat

Jousselin, 49420 Pouancé, Chaze – Henry, France

The Inov’Mur(i) brought onto the market in 2008 by the Jousselin company boasts numerous further technical developments in the industrial integration of the insulation. These developments were the answer to market requirements at both quantitative and qualitative level. The impetus for the Inov'Mur (i) technology was given by requirements of planners at J Y Jousselin with reference to the thermal regulations (Règlementation Thermique) RT 2000 from 2012 on and the standards for low-energy (BBC, bâtiment de basses consommation) or plus energy houses. J Y Jousselin used an existing circulation plant as the basis for the realisation of a double wall, wherein the problem extended far beyond the simple integration of the insulation. Firstly, every kind of thermal bridge was to be avoided and, secondly, Jousselin’s speciality, architectural concrete for facades such as white, coloured, structured, polished, bush-hammered concrete, etc., was to be integrated. This led to the establishment of Jousselin ingénierie for the implementation of these ideas.

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