Ceremonial opening of Grand Empire factory in Ukraine

Nordimpianti System Srl, 66100 Chieti, Italy

The city of Odessa, considered to be Ukraine’s southern capital, is a city on the move. With high levels of development, it is rapidly changing itself and there is a drive to modernize. More and more houses are being built, using the latest technologies and incorporating the latest materials. This development also means changes in population, who bring with them new ideas as to what constitutes acceptable levels of comfort. Buyers have become more discerning, not only about the price but also concerning the quality of living standards that are available. Attention is paid to the location, transport links, the quality of construction, the number of floors, apartment layout and to local amenities. Today’s construction companies need a greater knowledge and skills base to fully meet the demands of the market. One of the largest developers in Odessa – Grand Empire – is well equipped to meet these challenges.

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