Calcium Aluminate Cement and Alkali Activated Binders in sewer systems

Durable concrete pipes and manholes

Sewer systems are among the most critical assets of the urban infrastructure of modern societies. They serve as a collector and transporter of industrial and domestic wastewater and, at times, runoff from precipitation in urban areas, to wastewater treatment plants. A significant part of sewer systems such as sewer outfalls, manholes, sump pits, and pump stations are made of concrete. Concrete in the sewer environment under certain conditions suffers severe deterioration that may lead to structural and functional failure during the service life of the structure. In general, about 60% of failures are associated with improper structural design, construction, installation, and inadequate control and maintenance, while 40% are caused by biogenic acid corrosion [1]. The former 60% of failures can be eliminated with proper engineering design and construction. The challenge remains in dealing with biogenic acid corrosion of concrete.

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