Powerful precast technology and CO2 management are not a contradiction

Approach of a holistic integral strategy

Building materials markets are subject to constant change. The economic dynamics resulting in this context are due to the regionally prevailing political and social boundary conditions. For the cement industry, this means the need to adjust production capacities and the availability of specialist personnel to the cyclically changing demand for cement. The targeted manufacture of blended cements can be used in this process as an important instrument for the sensible control of the inevitable over- and under capacities of the market. Varying cement volumes on the basis of relatively constant clinker quantities – for the cement plants this not only results in effective "buffer scenarios", but the targeted production adjustments can also lead to "win-win" situations through the development of additional customer benefits. However, the sustainable implementation of ecological objectives is particularly important, and the blended cements produced will also create effects of high social significance by essentially reducing the CO2-footprint.

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