Post-tensioned precast beams for the Mitre Viaduct in Buenos Aires

Bridge construction

A 3.9 km long elevated section has been added to the Bartolomé Mitre railway line in the center of the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires. The tracks of the so-called “Mitre viaduct” replace the old tracks that until now existed on street level; they thus avoid eight intersections with the streets Olleros, La Pampa, Sucre, Oath, Mendoza, Olazabal, Whitewashed and Monroe. Thanks to this new elevated railway section, built with precast concrete elements, each day 100,000 passengers reach their destinations significantly quicker than before. And vice versa the road traffic also benefits from the “Mitre viaduct” when about 30,000 bus passengers and 70,000 car drivers save about 20 minutes, that in the past they had to spend at the intersections, waiting for the train to pass.

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12.12.2023 - 16.12.2023
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