Workshop on the future for UHPC applications in mechanical and civil engineering

Sudholt-Wasemann GmbH, 33442 Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany

Sudholt-Wasemann GmbH is a hidden champion that has become a global leader for solutions made from UHPC after only just ten years on the market. Beds made from ultra high strength concrete by this company from Herzebrock-Clarholz in Germany have already been installed widely and are in operation in tooling and precision machines on all continents. Its specialists are aiming in future to employ their unique interdisciplinary expertise in developing and manufacturing high-tech elements made from UHPC for other fields of mechanical and civil engineering applications as well.

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Sudholt-Wasemann GmbH Daimlerstraße 3 33442 Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany T +49 5245/921664-0, F +49 5245/921664-10 Stratec Strahl- und Fasertechnik GmbH An der Schleuse 3, 58675 Hemer, Germany T +49 2372 9270-0, F +49 2372 9270-30


20.09.2023 - 22.09.2023
26.09.2023 - 28.09.2023
27.09.2023 - 29.09.2023