When trust is top priority

Simem S.p.A., 37046 Minerbe (VR) Italy

A visible signature of a trusted company is the demand for its products. When trust is top priority, halting production for the replacement of capital equipment requires careful consideration. Based in Texas and founded in 1899, Forterra is a leading manufacturer of wet and dry utility products including box culverts, concrete pipe, and stormwater management items. Forterra helps governments and private entities build and maintain sustainable infrastructure in the U.S.A., Mexico and Canada. Secrets to Forterra’s success and sustained growth are not really secrets, it’s a culture: deliver quality infrastructure products without delay, allow communities to benefit from clean water delivery for homes and businesses, enable solutions for the removal of wastewater from those community settings, and provide effective stormwater management products for safe roadways and passages. In short, Forterra keeps the water in towns and cities moving.

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Simem S.p.A. V.le dell'Industria, 24 37046 Minerbe (VR) Italy T +39 0442 640014, F +39 0442 640273 info@simem.com, www.simem.com


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