Multi-Functional Admixture Addresses Growing Need

The Euclid Chemical Company, Cleveland, Ohio 44110, USA

Concrete masonry admixtures come in a variety of types – from plasticizers and efflorescence control agents to durability enhancers, and integral water repellents among others. Block, paver, and segmental retaining wall products often require the use of an admixture to meet both specific performance requirements as well as buyer expectations. While some are formulated to be “multi-benefit” (provide the benefits of more than one of these admixture categories) - others do so by virtue of their base chemical composition. For example, hydrophobic types that impart water repellency also provide a degree of efflorescence control since they positively affect the wetting and drying rate. They also tend to assist with compaction and density. Plasticizers are commonly used to improve or modify surface texture but can also assist with production rate and cement efficiency. In some instances, a combination of admixtures is still needed to achieve the desired outcome. The point here is that there is an abundance of products available to meet the various end product needs, while using the selection of raw materials in current use.

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