Betonwerk Ramböck: Synonymous with Quality for Decades

Masa GmbH, 56626 Andernach, Germany

The Betonwerk Ramböck GmbH, based in St. Georgen, Austria, has evolved from a small company producing terrazzo and roof tiles to a leading manufacturer of building materials and landscape products. The founder of the company, Johann Ramböck, was characterised by his zeal and enterprising visions. He passed his passion for sourcing the best raw materials and transforming them into high quality concrete products to his sons and grandchildren, who run the family business today. With a focus on efficiency and quality, Ramböck continuously expanded its market share, with an important milestone being the partnership with Masa GmbH, which began over 35 years ago. Both Masa locations, Andernach and Porta Westfalica, are supporting Ramböck with technical know-how and first-rate equipment to produce building materials that have end users trusting the company more and more with every product that comes out the door.

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Ramböck Baustoffe GmbH Holzhauser Straße 100 5113 St. Georgen b. Salzburg, Austria T +43 6274 74170 F +43 6274 741820 Masa GmbH Masa-Str. 2 56626 Andernach, Germany T +49 2632 92920 F +49 2632 929212 Wasa AG Europaplatz 4 64293 Darmstadt, Germany T +49 6151 7808500 F +49 6151 7808549


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