Intelligent laser projection in precast production facilities

Intelligent laser projection in precast production facilities

Increased productivity and quality management - these are two areas where production companies are trying to improve their competitiveness and thereby ensure the long-term viability of their business. In a limited series, Unitechnik is introducing several measures which can give precast production facilities a clear competitive advantage. The first contribution to the series focuses on the revival of laser projection systems. Laser projectors have been used in the industry for many years. In recent years, they have led a rather shadowy existence, particularly in circulation systems. The problem is that up to now laser projection systems have been technologically and organizationally somewhat isolated in the precast facility. Unitechnik has developed a laser projection system based on proven standard components that is fully integrated into the automation system of a circulation system. The following report illustrates the benefits of a fully integrated solution and why more and more precasters are now using that advantage.

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