Best Practice: Progressive digitalisation enhances productivity at Otto Quast

Unitechnik Systems GmbH, 51674 Wiehl, Germany

This new article in the series “Examples of best practice in digital migration in the precast concrete element industry” will describe developments at Otto Quast. The company has been progressively digitalising production systems that have grown up over many years at their site in Freudenberg. Retrofitting their compact 25 year old circulation system for producing filigree floors is part of this modernisation and digitalisation strategy spread over many years.

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Fertigbau Lindenberg OTTO QUAST GmbH & Co. KG An der Autobahn 16-30, 57258 Freudenberg, Germany T+49 2734 4900, Unitechnik Systems GmbH Fritz-Kotz-Str. 14, 51674 Wiehl, Germany T +49 2261 9870, F +49 2261 987510,


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