Innovative aerogel technology for the energetic optimization of concrete structures and efficiency…

Hybrid concrete system for residential construction

… increase of construction processes The use of serial production methods is increasingly determining the manufacturing processes of new buildings and has a positive effect especially in the areas of new residential and office construction. In order to implement sophisticated architectural concepts, classical planning methods must be adapted and new production methods must be modified accordingly. Under the prerequisite of a holistic approach, individual parameters crystallize which, as a triad, influence the procedure and whose consideration is decisive for a successful implementation. Against this background, the research project '"Aerogel – Development of Hybrid Concrete Elements with Aerogel Foamed Concrete Core" was carried out, in which the development of an innovative single-layer fair-faced concrete system integrating an aerogel technology for the energetic optimisation for residential construction was advanced. The three parameters material composition, production technology and implementation of the design were processed synchronously and led to a market-ready product. The new system construction method was developed with regard to a very high sustainability factor (life cycle assessment). The ZIM project was carried out as a cooperation project between the TU Dortmund University – Junior Professorship REB / Chair of Building Construction – and the cooperation partner 'G.tecz Engineering GmbH' in the period 11/17 – 03/20. The research is based on developments of the company G.tecz Engineering GmbH, which were used by a licensee, the company Housefabrik, for the production of wall and façade panels made of UHPC concrete.

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