New PCE product generation based on enhanced polymerisation technology

MC-Bauchemie, 46238 Bottrop, Germany

MC-Bauchemie has extended its product portfolio in the field of concrete admixtures with the new superplasticiser line MC-PowerFlow evo. In choosing this name, MC wishes to underline its belief that this constitutes an evolutionary leap in the development of MC polymerisation technology. MC’s PCE production plant in Bottrop has been expanded so as to enable the adoption of new approaches to polymerisation and thus the development of particularly efficient PCE ingredients.

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MC-Bauchemie Am Kruppwald 1-8 46238 Bottrop, Germany T + 49 2041 101 640 F + 49 2041 101 688


20.02.2024 - 22.02.2024
22.02.2024 - 24.02.2024