Production of concrete pipes with PE corrosion protection starts in Cambodia

Schlüsselbauer Technology GmbH & Co KG, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

The company Phnom Penh Precast Plants Co., Ltd. is undoubtedly among Southeast Asia’s most innovative manufacturers of concrete products. Since the company was founded in 2013, innovations have been implemented in remarkable speed in all their business segments, including concrete pipes, concrete poles, PHC piles and box culverts. The flare for innovation that forms the core of the corporate philosophy is omnipresent the company; in line with this mindset, the company constantly searches for and evaluates new products and technologies, and consistently implements economical solutions. The rapid introduction of new products is based on research into current developments around the world and collaboration with globally active partners. The company’s latest innovation leap concerns the jacking pipe product segment, which is playing an increasingly important role around the world and in Cambodia itself. Until now, the pipes for this installation method had to be imported from other countries. The decisionmakers at Phnom Penh Precast Plants recognized the growing demand early on and also the advantages of the pipe type Perfect Pipe, which has been launched in Singapore back in 2015. The company ordered an appropriate production plant from Schlüsselbauer Technology, which they have been using to produce premium-quality concrete/ plastic composite pipes for microtunneling since spring 2020.

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