Latest developments in constructing with precast concrete elements

Innogration GmbH, 54470 Bernkastel-Kues, Germany

The construction industry will in future face major challenges in fulfilling stipulations relating to sustainability, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness at the same time. Other developments, such as the lack of skilled employees, additionally influence the current situation. Precast construction work with concrete elements plays a special role in this environment that will be filled still more impressively with new developments in the future. Prefabricated elements allow completely different construction components to be manufactured. Indeed, we are not just talking about filling concrete into shuttering when working at a construction site. The future will increasingly see an orientation towards developing new structures in conjunction with concrete as a material. Concrete construction elements ought to be able to exhibit more functions than merely that of load-bearing. At a construction site, assembly work will then be a matter of positioning together and joining up individual elements as well as connecting up the function supplied with and integrated into a concrete construction element with the whole unit in its entirety. Concrete elements must themselves possess robust connections that permit them to be assembled and joined together easily. Such plug-in connections have to be designed to facilitate the simplest type of flawless connection possible.

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