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Extensive modernisation of the concrete mixing plant pays off for Studer AG

Kniele GmbH, 88422 Bad Buchau, Germany


K. Studer AG is an extremely renowned manufacturer of building elements made of ashlar, natural stone and concrete. Production takes place in a modern and spaciously designed plant in Frick (Aargau/Switzerland). The product range extends from standard products to custom-made products and thus meets practically all customer requirements. The concrete is produced in a mixing plant that is probably not found anywhere else in Switzerland. The plant consists of 64 silos, equipped with a wide range of facing materials in a wide variety of colours and grain sizes. The mixing plant is the heart of the entire production. It is computer-controlled and mixes the desired type and quantity at the push of a button. Thanks to this plant, almost every colour and grain size requirement of the customers can be fulfilled individually. The mixing plant was recently completely overhauled in order to meet the increasing requirements even better. Whereas three countercurrent mixers were previously in daily use, this task is now performed by two Kniele conical mixers, which produce up to 60 different recipes every day. One of the special challenges in this project was the requirement that colour changes must always be possible - without significant interruptions in concrete production. The adjustment of the plant and the running-in of the recipes for the demanding concretes were carried out by CME, the official representative of Kniele in Switzerland.

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K. Studer AG
Schulstrasse 53, 5070 Frick, Switzerland
T +41 62 8656500, F +41 62 8714164
info@studer-frick.ch, www.studer-frick.ch

Kniele GmbH
Gemeindebeunden 6, 88422 Bad Buchau, Germany
T +49 7582 9303 11
info@kniele.de, www.kniele.de

Sumpfstrasse 24, 6312 Steinhausen / Zug, Switzerland
T +41 44 715 30 60
info@cme-alpic.com, cme-alpic.com

Würschum GmbH
Hedelfinger Straße 33, 73760 Ostfildern, Germany
T +49 711 448130, F +49 711 4481340
info@wuerschum.com, www.wuerschum.com

ecofrog GmbH
Dornier Str. 2, 68804 Altlußheim, Germany
T +49 6205 204820, F +49 6205 2048222
info@ecofrog.eu, www.ecofrog.eu

Bikotronic Industrie Elektronik GmbH
Im Hohen Acker 7, 67146 Deidesheim, Germany
T +49 6326 96530, F +49 6326 965350
info@bikotronic.de, www.bikotronic.de

WMW Industrieanlagen GmbH
Tobelacker 1, 88273 Fronreute-Baienbach, Germany
T +49 7505 95730, F +49 7505 957320
info@wmw-industrie.de, www.wmw-industrie.de

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