Precast components with carbon reinforced concrete – “BOX” prototype

C³-project CUBE

Science and economy have combined their competences in construction with carbon reinforced concrete to successfully realise the technology demonstration house CUBE of the C³-project. The building, with exclusively non-metallic reinforcement, proves the extraordinary potential of carbon reinforced concrete both through two double-curved concrete shells – the TWIST elements – and the semi-precast BOX complex. The BOX consists of semi-precast wall elements and prefabricated ceilings, which can be produced with a few centimetres thickness due to the usage of carbon reinforcement. Production technology and assembly were tested in advance, resulting in the prototype presented.

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04.12.2023 - 07.12.2023
06.12.2023 - 07.12.2023
12.12.2023 - 16.12.2023