New production plant for multifunctional paving stones in Hungary

MCT Italy, 06084 Bettona, Italy

In terms of the quantity of placed concrete SW Umwelttechnik Magyarország Kft. is the biggest manufacturer in Hungary. In 2015 the company began to develop a revolutionary new group of products, i.e. paving stones that can be equipped with electronic devices or other information technology components. To be able to produce the new products SW Umwelttechnik Magyarország Kft. invested in a complete new concrete factory with a 3,200 m2 large production hall for the manufacture of concrete blocks as well as in the creation of a world-class, mostly automatized technological line for the production of concrete blocks with customized automatic feeding and mixing equipment with high-performance mixer, silo system and gravel loading system – all from MCT Italy S.r.l.

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MCT Italy S.r.l. Via Perugia, 105, 06084 Bettona (PG), Italy T +39 075988551, F +39 0759885533, SW Umwelttechnik Magyarország Kft. Alsózsolcai gyáregység (ALS) Gyár út 5. 3571 Alsózsolca, Hungary T +36 24620401, F +36 24620473, FACT-Plus Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. Vadgesztenye u. 6/A., H-1046 Budapest, Hungary T +36 304514670 European Union


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