Upgrade at Fuchs in Gladbeck

Avermann Betonfertigteiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, 49078 Osnabrück, Germany

Fuchs Fertigteilwerke GmbH is one of the market-leading manufacturers of precast concrete elements for civil engineering, infrastructure and environmental technology. The Gladbeck production facility belonging to this group of companies has now been equipped with a special new concrete spreader with two interchangeable buckets made by Avermann, a leading systems manufacturer. Fuchs produces solid walls, sandwich walls and noise barriers there in great number and high quality with this upgrade to their high-performance circulation system.

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FUCHS Fertigteilwerke West GmbH Produktionsstätte Gladbeck Bottroper Straße 283-285, 45964 Gladbeck, Germany T +49 2362 926-0, F +49 2362 926-152 info.west@fuchs-beton.de, www.fuchs-beton.de Avermann Betonfertigteiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG Lengericher Landstraße 35, 49078 Osnabrück, Germany T +49 5405 505 0, F +49 5405 6441 info@avermann.de, www.avermann.de


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