Future-oriented construction system made of UHPC precast elements and CO2 saving potentials in the …

Sustainable construction and CO2 saving

… sense of the 5C approach The majority of the total energy consumption in CO2 that occurs in the production, use and disposal of precast concrete elements can be attributed to production. The right choice of material, production chain and design therefore play an important role in reducing the energy used and CO2 emissions. Elements made of ultra-high-strength concrete (UHPC), which save material and manufacturing energy and are also slender with a very high-performance, should therefore shape the construction industry in the future. This article presents an innovative construction system made of prefabricated UHPC elements. The base element is a support plate with a randomly shaped floor plan and a randomly arranged folding edge. The plane-parallel cross-section has a thickness of only 30 to 50 mm or, in the case of prestressing, only 50 to 60 mm.

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