Polish company adds polyurethane-coated production boards to its portfolio

Polblat Kopyt Sp.J., Maków ul. Małęczyńska 34, 26-640 Skaryszew, Poland

Polblat has been supplying its customers with wooden production boards for manufacturing concrete blocks since 2009. These production boards are guarantors of excellent quality and reproducibility in concrete products. Polblat’s product portfolio is constantly being expanded through investment in development. In addition, the company can supply production boards made of laminated wood and, as of recently, also polyurethane-coated production boards, which are attracting great interest in the concrete block industry.

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Polblat Kopyt Sp. J. Ul. Małęczyńska 34 26-640 Skaryszew, Maków, Poland T +48 535 073 799 aszczepanowska@polblat.pl, www.polblat.pl


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