Fencing systems with a variety of finishes and textures

Numold UK Ltd, Gloucester, GL2 5RG, England

Concrete fences have become an outdoor decoration component of increasing value and universally desired across the world. Precast concrete fencing has come a long way from the utility plain concrete posts and functional gravel boards, which have become the industry standard worldwide. The function of the boundary wall has developed from its primary function in separating the property, it can now represent the design style of the property owner with a variety of finishes and textures available of the moulded surface. Specialising in consultation, design & mould fabrication, UK based Numold are committed to working with their growing international customer base since their beginning in 1978.

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Numold UK Ltd The Canalside Merchants Road Gloucester, GL2 5RG, England T + 44 1452 384820 sales@numold.com www.numold.de


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