Alkali activated materials – a new generation of cementless binders for concrete

Part 1: Background and industry overview

Concrete structures are widely used for buildings, transportation, infrastructure, and maritime applications. Their design, durability and performance directly influence social and economic growth. The downside of using concrete is linked to issues of durability and enormous environmental costs, as the cement industry is responsible for 8% of the world’s anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, around 60% of all non-renewable resources are used in construction, making it one of the least sustainable industries. There is a clear demand for a new, sustainable generation of building materials, as concrete based on Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) cannot meet all the challenges of modern society in terms of durability and sustainability. The DuRSAAM action addresses this by establishing a training and research network that contributes to a sustainable built environment and uses alkali-activatable materials as a new generation of cement-free binders for concrete.

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