Concrete – it all comes down to the right protection

Betra Beton- und Baustoffverfahrenstechnik GmbH, 33181 Bad Wünnenberg-Haaren, Germany

The Romans built some of the most monumental buildings in the world in their eternal city, such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon, under the name "opus caementicium". Using a slightly different recipe at that time, volcanic ash was mixed with water instead of gravel, sand and cement. Nowadays, concrete is a true all-rounder. Light, resistant, durable and malleable, economical, and with countless applications, concrete has advanced to be the most sought-after construction material. Nonetheless, this material does change in substance and structure over time. External influences, weathering and wear can not only become an aesthetic problem and result in efflorescence; material ageing often harbours unrecognised technical risks and raises questions of material safety and optimisation of use as well.

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