New tower batching plant for Polish manufacturer Termat

MCT Italy s.r.l., 06084 Bettona, Italy

Termat, located in the Lower Silesia region of Poland, manufactures precast concrete elements like stairs, balconies, blocks, Teriva and Filigree floors. The favourable economic conditions pushed the company’s decision to invest and upgrade its concrete production plant. Sharing the same visions as the precast concrete manufacturer, MCT Italy customized a complete plant solution for the new factory, located 30 minutes drive from the Polish city of Wrocław.

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Termat Sp. z o.o. Ul. Do Termatu 1 55-300 Środa Śląska, Poland T +48 713175121 Ciepiela Technology Promotion Sp. z o.o. Lipie 27, 05-620 Błędów, Poland T +48 486681085 F +48 501265169 MCT Italy S.r.l. Via Perugia 105 06084 Bettona (PG), Italy T +39 075 988551 F +39 075 9885533


04.12.2023 - 07.12.2023
06.12.2023 - 07.12.2023
12.12.2023 - 16.12.2023