The success of the plywood and polyurethane combination – state-of-the-art production boards for …

Polblat Kopyt, 26-640 Skaryszew, Maków, Poland

… high-performance manufacture of precast concrete products Polblat Kopyt Sp.J. has supplied wooden production boards to its Polish and international customers for over ten years. In 2017, the company started the process of launching a new product in its range. The research and development efforts have resulted in a plywood production board with polyurethane coating that features improved performance. Negligible deflection and the high compaction level of concrete products are considered to be of utmost importance. A leading manufacturer of precast concrete in Poland, Rouwdach Sp. z o.o., has opted for the “plastic” boards from the Polish supplier, seeing the above-mentioned parameters as the key to success in the high quality and efficient production in a modern machinery park.

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Polblat Kopyt Sp. J. ul. Małęczyńska 34 26-640 Skaryszew, Maków, Poland T +48 535 071767


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