Production of characteristic concrete products in the Netherlands

Humarbo Machinery B.V., 8171 MC, Vaassen, The Netherlands

For over eighty years now, Schellevis Beton has been known for the production of concrete products for a wide variety of applications. Its exclusive range of products is characterised by a focus on quality, sustainability and creativity. The name Schellevis has become a brand of its own. Schellevis slabs and elements are designed in natural colours. These unique colour nuances develop over time. Most products are available in anthracite, grey, carbon, reddish brown, taupe and cream. Next to a wide range of special products, the range of sizes is wide: from 20 x 20 x 5 cm up to 240 x 120 x 12 cm. Thanks to its long experience and market expertise, Schellevis is supplier of choice for specific concrete product in the horticultural sector. Schellevis products are produced for consumer applications as well as commercial and project-centred use. As such, they have won national and international acclaim.

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Schellevis Beton B.V. Loswal 11 4271 BA, Dussen, The Netherlands T +31 416 39 1147 F +31 416 39 2222 Humarbo Machinery B.V. Runnenbergweg 11 8171 MC, Vaassen, The Netherlands T +31 578 576677


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