Efficient batch plant and casting system to improve the South Korean precast market

MCT Italy, 06084 Bettona, Italy

Jisan is one of the fastest growing South Korean precast company. The owner and founder Mr. Han JuSik has developed a very long experience in the construction business and nowadays his team of engineers can provide valuable solutions in various branches of the construction industry, both in civil and industrial sectors even if the real core business is warehouse and logistic facilities construction. The growth of the construction market and the desire to improve the building quality are pushing Jisan Engineering Co. Ltd to use new technologies and automation with regards to precast elements.

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Jisan Engineering C. Ltd. 18 64 Beon-Gil Gwangok-Ro Giheung-Gu Yongin-Si Gyeonggi-Do 16972 South Korea Hanin S.I. Corp. #817, Hosu Green, 8-38 Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 10401, South Korea erockoh@daum.net MCT Italy S.r.l. Via Perugia 105, 06084 Bettona, Italy mail@marcantonini.com www.marcantonini.com


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