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Hess Group, 57299 Burbach-Wahlbach, Germany

Accessibility, availability and lifetime of spare parts catalogs including additional service information are a well-known challenge throughout the concrete block machine industry. Depending on the technology used, this may mean that the technical documentation is already out of date before the update reaches the customer. While printed hard copies are the most time-consuming way in terms of accessibility for the customer, the Hess Group relied on a data carrier-based distribution, such as e.g. USB sticks, for electronic spare parts catalogues and manuals. However, such a data distribution approach could not always cover all needs, and some information has to be delivered in paper form. A few years ago, Hess Group switched to a 3D representation of the assemblies. Thus, it has become necessary to install a proprietary software module on the customer's PC. The installation of third-party software, on the other hand, poses a security problem in many companies.

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