Conventional and permeable concrete block pavements

Design and construction

Pavement construction with concrete paving blocks is very popular worldwide – especially in Europe and even more so in Germany. On the one hand, this is due to the many technical advantages of this durable and sustainable construction method, especially when implemented as unbonded pavement. In addition, there are the numerous design possibilities that concrete paving blocks offer both in the private residential environment, as well as in public transport areas and in construction related to business and commercial developments. The following article was written on the occasion of the ICCX Central Europe 2022 in Warsaw and is therefore primarily aimed at the Polish market. Therefore, the mention of or reference to German road construction regulations is completely omitted. Since the road construction regulations that may exist in Poland are not known to the author, no reference can be made to them either. Instead, the requirements and recommendations for the planning and execution of pavement surfaces with concrete block paving are largely kept general. Further, the discussions are kept concise without going into all possible details. The paper deals exclusively with the design and construction of unbonded concrete pavement, in Germany also referred to as a standard construction method.

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