Extending the service life of steel moulds for the concrete block industry

Techmatik SA, 26 – 610 Radom, Poland

The quality of the moulds depends not only on the technological process itself, but above all on the quality of the material from which they are made. At Techmatik, quality control already takes place when the steel is delivered. The machining of stone cavities and pressure plates on high-quality CNC machining equipment guarantees very precise mechanical shape machining and ensures high dimensional accuracy of the stone cavities, their reproducibility and very precise edges. This ensures the quality of the concrete products, especially for the currently popular large-format products.

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Techmatik SA Ul. Żółkiewskiego 131/133 26 – 610 Radom, Poland T +48 483690800 techmatik@techmatik.pl www.techmatik.pl


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