Webeco commissions new concrete pipe line with test section for quality control

Rekers GmbH, 48480 Spelle, Germany

Founded in 2007 by Philip and Johnny Welkenhuysen, Webeco is a family-owned company with a passion for precast concrete elements and a strong drive for innovation in products and production techniques. The combination of knowledge and experience put into practice by a dedicated team of experienced employees has only one goal – to offer the customer the best and most economical solution. Webeco naturally produces in accordance with the applicable European quality standards and regulations. To achieve this, the company relies on modern production facilities, as impressively demonstrated by the new concrete pipe line that went into operation this year. The pipe machine was supplied by the Italian manufacturer Colle, while Rekers from Germany supplied, among other things, a pipe transport system, the pallet handling system and a test section that checks and ensures the quality of the concrete pipes.

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