Meudt also modernizes the second concrete block production line

Frima GmbH & Co. KG, 26723 Emden, Germany

Meudt Betonsteinwerk GmbH is a modern, medium-sized and family-run company that has been producing quality concrete products for pavement construction and landscaping for more than 110 years. In addition to functional pavement and aesthetic design solutions, the focus is on the manufacture, planning and sale of intelligent curbstone systems for traffic management, including associated special and transitional profiles for accessibility in accordance with the Disability Equality Act. The high-quality concrete products are manufactured on two production lines, which have been gradually modernized. In 2015, for example, Teka's entire mixing plant was renewed, and one of the two concrete block machines was replaced by a Frima HP1000 (see detailed report in CPi 6, 2015). More recently, an additional HP1000 from Frima went into operation, which now also replaces the second, outdated concrete block machine.

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Hermann Meudt Betonsteinwerk GmbH Frankfurter Str. 38 56414 Wallmerod, Germany T +49 6435 50920 F +49 6435 509225 Frima GmbH & Co. KG Stedinger Straße 12 26723 Emden, Germany T +49 4921 584 0 F +49 4921 584 128


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