Planeta RS puts a versatile, high production plant into service in Kiev region, Ukraine

Poyatos, 18220 Albolote, Granada, Spain

“Planeta RS” has been a leading supplier of building materials on the Ukrainian market for more than 20 years and covers such areas as the production of paving slabs, ready-mixed concrete, reinforced concrete products, metal structures and industrial floors. In order to stay in trend and meet the growing needs of the market, the company's management decided to expand and upgrade their production capacity for production of paving slabs, blocks and curbs in order to keep abreast of a strongly growing market which demands an increasingly diverse range of high quality product.

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Poyatos Polígono Industrial Juncaril, Calle Loja 119 18220 Albolote, Granada, Spain T +34 9584 66990


27.09.2023 - 29.09.2023
03.10.2023 - 05.10.2023
12.10.2023 - 14.10.2023