Rieker Investment GmbH acquires shares in Kobra

Kobra Formen GmbH, 08485 Lengenfeld, Germany

Kobra Formen GmbH was founded by Rudolf Braungardt more than 30 years ago and has become one of the world's leading mould manufacturers. With approx. 500 employees worldwide – around 400 at the headquarters in Germany – and 6 subsidiaries in Europe and North America as well as sales partners in Canada, Europe and Asia, Kobra works in a technologically ground-breaking way in the concrete product industry. The company is proud of its impressive development and wishes to pay special thanks to its employees and customers, who made such success possible.

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Kobra Formen GmbH Plohnbachstraße 1, 08485 Lengenfeld, Germany T +49 37606 3020 F +49 37606 30222 info@kobragroup.com www.kobragroup.com


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