Leier displays loyalty in the choice of concrete block machines

Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH, 57290 Neunkirchen, Germany

The Leier group of companies currently operates around 40 production facilities and subsidiaries in Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and the Ukraine. Their business fields are very diverse: construction mate- rials industry, car trade, real estate, metal and mechanical engineering are the core areas – Leier is positioned very broadly. A main focal point in the construction materials industry is the numerous concrete block production facilities that the Leier Group operates in several of the aforementioned countries. Extensive investments have been made in these concrete block lines over the last few years. Since 2015, nine new fully automatic Zenith Single Pallet Ma- chines of the 1500 series have already gone into operation at Leier and the tenth machine is already in the planning stage. Most recently, the production facilities in Zurndorf (Austria) and Iași (Romania) were equipped with a Zenith 1500-2 as the culmination of a wide-ranging modernisation programme at these sites. The site at Zurndorf was additionally equipped with a cutting edge, highly automated pallet circulation system for manufacturing quality precast concrete elements for the Vienna residential construction market.

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