Sustainable and cost-effective construction with recycled concrete

Circular economy in practice

Concrete, the universal building material of the industrial age, is facing new challenges: The rising global demand for primary mineral raw materials acts as a price driver. And environmental compatibility, climate protection and CO2 emissions have also become important market factors in the building sector. The universal building material of the future must be sustainable. A highly innovative answer to this challenge is now presented by the precast concrete manufacturer Büscher from Heek in Münsterland: High-quality precast concrete elements made from recycled concrete. Büscher is the only company in Germany to date to have received general building authority approval (abZ) from the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBT Berlin, German Institute of Building Technology) in June 2021 for precast concrete elements made of recycled concrete with 100 percent natural stone substitute. In the precast elements of the “Büscher wall”, the raw materials gravel and sand are completely replaced by mixed demolition material. The manufacturer is currently demonstrating how much more future potential there is in the Büscher wall by building a three-family house.

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