Digitalization in the production and assembly of precast concrete elements

The precast industry of tomorrow – Part 7/8

Digitization is a central topic across industries, aimed at optimally using data for further use in the future. The topic of digitization also goes hand in hand with the concept of Industry 4.0 and, in the construction industry, explicitly with the possibilities of Building Information Modelling (BIM). Especially in planning, BIM introduces a new way of thinking, which offers the various individual disciplines the pos- sibility of a complete data exchange, based on which they can successfully and efficiently coordinate their activities. In the past, the team of architect and engineer coordinated all construction processes, a task assigned to them based on their extensive knowledge, while the recent developments have led to a broader division of responsibilities. Many new disciplines have emerged to serve their respective trades and in the same time facilitate coordination among the various trades. Working with BIM could be an attempt to bring the individual trades back together and use the common database to initiate improved communication.

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